This year Historic Race Car is focusing more on customers racing than racing its own cars. This means that you can find us at many Vintage events servicing the Fiat Abarth and others.

With Council we are now servicing Mazda Miata's as well where our driver Bill Boesen does very well.

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We hope to race our "new" APAL this year with council too!




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We are now past the middle of the season and things have been great so far for us on the race track.

The spec racer won multiple times in the capable hands of Bill Boesen, and I too won my class a couple of times. Lorrie Ann Fisher was the third winner in the car at Blackhawk this year.

So far this year we only had one failure at the track when a freak thing happened. A water plug came out of the motor and the engine overheated to the point we had to take 12 thousands off the head. The Renault Spec Racer did great after the repairs.

On the track we serviced other Spec racers. Caldwell Buck became a customer with his Renault. Welcome to the team Caldwell!

At the recent Blackhawk school Tracy Shepard had his first outing of with his magnificent 185 HP TC Lotus Seven series 2. Tracy passed school and was one of the students who showed the most improvement during the sessions.

The car ran well, however while avoiding a spinning car, Tracy took a detour over the curbs. The concrete hit the bell housing (probably more the other way around) and damaged the transmission to the point where we preferred to check the drive train before going out again.

Tracy proved to be a great team member, and I think he had a fabulous time at the track with us.

At the same event Peter Taft tried out his "new" race car, a Datsun 510. The car seems well prepared.

The last good news is that Tim Pecenka made his come back to the track. With the capable hands of Tim around I am again open for providing track services. Please contact me if you want to be part of our paddock.


At Historic Race Car we are looking forward to the 2012 race season.

Our whole group will be around most weekends so come join us. Deb will be taking pictures for our customers, and Joe is planning to be around to help wrench.

The Spec Racer is already booked for several events, and when the car is not booked, I will be in the driver’s seat as often as possible. At the moment we are investigating purchasing a second Spec Renault to add to our stable.

The team will most likely expand this year. Usually there is a little red Lotus Europa around our paddock (owned by Pete Taft) and this season there will be another Lotus in our care; a Seven Series two with a Twin Cam Lotus engine.

The Twin Cam Lotus was recently purchased and is being made ready for the April Council School at Blackhawk Farms.

Gretchen Patey will again be running her Mini Cooper and hopefully Gary Schaefer will be taking his TR4 out often. What a sight it was during the last Looooong race, watching Gary race in the rain on slicks!

Our good friend Bill Boesen is on the lookout for another race car. In the meantime Bill may also run the Spec Racer this season.

All together Historic Race Car is ready for the season! We hope to be at all Council races, the VSCDA Blackhawk Vintage races, and for sure we will be at the ELVF at Road America in the fall.

If you are interested in having us service your car at these tracks, please contact Yves. I am sure you will appreciate our hospitality; not to mention the Panini’s, beer and all the action pictures. I will burn your action photos to a CD for you to take home, and I hope to be able to burn those to a CD before we leave the track!

Here’s to another great year of racing!


Historic Race Car as a team will be at several Midwestern Council events and at the great ELVF event (put together by Deb and Mike Korneli for the VSCDA), either with Yves racing the Spec Racer, or assisting a driver that rented a race car from us.

Track service is only available to long time friends and on special request.

As we have a very busy schedule in the shop, Yves, Deb and Joe hope to find some relaxing time amongst old friends and concentrate on having fun at the race tracks.
We hope you understand this new policy.

If you find yourself in need of a mechanic at the race track, please feel free to call Yves and we can discuss your needs.




Bill Boesen joined our team with his Spec Miata Mazda. Bill used to battle for fourth/fifth in his class and asked me us if we wanted to service his car. Bill used to race a Vintage Fiat 124, and apparently liked our way of working.

We spent a day going over his Miata and setting the car up. Much attention was given to the wheel alignment, and corner weights.

The result was Bill winning his class the first time out after joining our team.

Don Tuscany ran the Abarth for the first time in anger at the Blackhawk Classic. The car performed very well and the only malfunction he encountered was a faulty module in the ignition. Being a brand new car, we spend every minute in the paddock checking the equipment and systems.

During the feature race Don had not the strongest start, but in the second lap he had made up the lost spots and was reeling in the next car. Half way during the race a part of the Webers came of, resulting in a massive fuel leak. The second carb starved, and since it happened at the straight, we will have to change a piston.

Don will be back at the ELVF!

Bill Boesen is on his way to a second place finish at his first outing at the difficult track of Grattan. Mi on July the 24th.

Road America during the Elvf (Elkhart Lake Vintage Festival) 2008