Historic Race Car occasionally buys and sells race cars. More often we help customers find and sell their vehicles for a small fee.

If you are looking for a special car or part, with our contacts in France and The Netherlands, we may be able to help you find it. Just give us a call and let us know what you want!

Having been involved in several successful sales in the last couple of months, I am considering adding selling cars to the services we provide.

If you have a vintage or historic race car for sale, please contact me to discuss the conditions.


1947 Healey Elliott

This is a pretty rare car. The Elliot was a small production car, only 101 were made. (25 are left) From the beginning it was a car that drew attention, and it didn't hurt that one of these set a speed record. It is a genuine 100 plus mile per hour car!

The car was raced for a while, and converted back to original by the current owners, to be able to compete in the famous Mille Miglia. The dash and interior were redone and as required by the FIVA rules most of the roll bar removed. After the inspection the FIVA judged the car to their highest standart for originality. The car has a FIVA passport, which has to be renewed when sold.

The car performed very well during the mille Miglia. She drew a ton of attention, and the crowds loved her. Rarely you find anyone who actually knows what it is, even in the Italian car crazy crowds.   

After the MM the car was shipped back to my shop, and we made it more civilized and easier to drive on the roads. F.i the car had a set advance timing, and we made it adjustable from the drivers position, so city driving at lower RPM is better. The steering also is much lighter, although not light. But once moving the car handles like a dream. It holds the road amazingly well, and the brakes listen instantly, and are very "doseable". Torque delivered by the undestructable Riley 2.4 liter is everywhere.

The car has been accepted at the MM, which is  an advantage for for future entries. If you intend to do that world class event, and don't want to spend 150,000 dollar, this is a great opportunity. It must be one, if not the cheapest car to enter the Mille. Sure you can try with a 2CV, but the chances to be accepted are mnimal, while with the Elliott, you will have a huge chance to get in.

I have driven the car a lot, and can answer all technical questions you may have. If interested give me a call. For me it is one of the four most fun cars I ever drove.

asking $80,000

1967 Briham F4, 650

Here we have something absolutely uncommon.

This is a 1967 Briham Formula 4. Not much is known about these cars, but the makers of it later became more known with the production of Elden Formula cars.

I have followed this project for years now. The owner is a retired machinist and his workmanship is to the thousands. The fabrication and machining is done to a very high standard.

As was usual in the period, it doesn’t have a real monocoque, but has a steel tube frame, enforced with sandwiched malite. Very strong , very light, and more flammable than aluminum.

The car has recently been painted, and needs finishing. I’d say the hard work has been done.

The engine that comes in the car is a dummy, and is not working. There is a complete engine that needs a go through but for the asking price for this project, I don’t think it is of any importance. You need to be able to assemble the suspension and set her up. I would install and safety washers, new chain, and make a fuel tank and go racing. This F4 will be accepted anywhere, and most likely run with FV’s.

1967 F4 BRIHAM (made in England)
650 cc Triumph motor cycle engine, chain drive
fiber glass body w/malite bulk heads, steel tubing frame
- Austin Mini 10" wheels and brakes, twin leading shoes w/aluminum fin drums
- cast uprights w/new bearings, all new rod ends, new brake lines and rubber donuts
- inboard rocker arm front suspension, rack & pinion steering.  All suspension pieces
   in good condition
- engine needs "going through", comes w/dummy engine
- car weight:  ca. 450 lbs.
- almost a "roller", needs finishing.
- quick-lift jack
- new paint job
- PROVENANCE:  original register and original builder's photos, previous owners' photos,
    British magazine w/write up at Brands' Hatch Race Track.

- Price:  $4,000.

Please contact me via email, I have additional photos I can send you.


Asking $5,450

This is a really nice driver, that with some elbow grease, could become a show car.

The car is very healthy. No rust on (or under) the floors. Hot air ducts are solid!The engine starts every time and never skips a beat. Front end has been upgraded in the past with a Topline front end with double sway bars, 914-4 disc brakes. The car sits on Rivera wheels.

Rear brakes are stock, and the car handles very well. Shifts good, great clutch. It has a fairly rare Gene Berg shifter. The motor is original, and strong. Doesn't burn any oil.

I drive the car on a regular basis, and it has been stored inside for at least the last decade and a half. The previous owner bought it for his wife who didn't like it, and stored the car for a long time in his heated basement. When we picked up the car we charged the battery, build up oil P and she started almost right away. It only got a tune up since.

You are invited to check the car out and inspect.


2008 Gulfstream on International chassis SUPERNOVA motor home. 18.199 miles young

Price $94,500

I have decided to part with my much beloved motor home.

This unit was used primarily to accommodate me at the race track. I have a log book in which everything is mentioned, from getting diesel to repairs at the dealer. The vehicle is very easy to drive, has ice cold air, and in the winter real hot heat.

I bought the car new, and did not like the fact that is was equipped with no less than 3 TV's. It would have cost me an arm and a leg to have one removed, so we did it ourselves. Instead of the dining area TV I made a cabinet that holds bottles. For the rest the motor home is absolutely stock.

The TV that we took out comes with the truck.

The things that are wrong with the car are:

  • The car radio doesn't work. CD player does, but the radio sounds like the antenna isn't hooked up.
  • One storage lock got lost, have new ones.
  • One storage door has a dent. See pictures.
  • One light button is missing, the switch is fully functional though (and out of sight)

I took all music equipment out of the cabinet, and am lost where all the wires go. The CD/dvd payer is not the same as came with the car.


  • It has the later style fuel tank covers.
  • A sound deadening layer was installed in the engine compartment.
  • I had a custom windshield cover made to keep the sun out.
  • Installed pull out trays in the kitchen cabinets.
  • Replaced TV with cabinet with matching doors.
  • Extra vent installed by dealer to duct hot heater air to the living compartment.
  • The foldout sofa-bed has been upgraded by the dealer(longer), but was never used.

No pets.
No accidents.

Everything works great on the truck and motor home. Tires are almost like new as you can expect after only 18,000. I went through the whole motor home, and checked everything. Air conditioning units are all fine ( two roof 110V, and the dash air co) heater works great, fans work. Freezer and fridge work fine. You make ice cubes on gas power in the freezer. The Microwave is good, so are the automatic steps and electric levelers. Slides come out and in without hesitation, and the awnings work good.

The reason I bought this particular motor home was the International Chassis. The truck has a Gross Combined Vehicle weight that allows me to legally tow 7,000 pounds. The vehicle will tow way more than that ( and slow it down, the brakes are phenomenal!), but in case of an accident your insurance may not be willing to pay! I have seen A types, that have a 10,000 pound hitch, but less than 100 pounds of the GCVW available to tow!~!!!!!No kidding!

The SuperNova is an real nice vehicle. For vacationing and short trips. It does 60-65 with the trailer behind it day and night. Took it to Texas a couple of times and it was a breeze, almost as fast as in my pick up truck! The floor plan is really good. You have a living area, a kind of separated dining are and a sleep area that can be closed off.

I have every single manual that came with the SuperNova, and a folder of copies of all manuals. Oil was changed just a few hundred miles ago.

I will keep using this motor home until it is sold. Will be at the Council events @ Autobahn (Oct 5) and the Loooong race @ BHF on Oct 24.

The vehicle is stored at my shop, Vintage Sports Car Inc. in Woodstock Illinois.

The only reason I am selling my much liked "home at the track", is because I need money to invest to grow business.

The bank owns part of the Gulfstream, so I can only get you the title after I paid of the bank.

Call me if you have questions. If you do a search for Yves Boode you'll find all the details.

When hot the readings on the gauges are at 2200 RPM:
Oil P. 60 PSI
Water Temp 195
Trans temp 150
Volts 14
MPH ca 60

You can find specs on this site http://www.rvguide.com/specs/gulf-stream/class-c/2008/conquest-super-nova/6372.html

Price $94.500


This 1970 Lola T200 has gone through a professional ground up restoration in 2009 - 2010. There is only one race on the fresh Parisey motor. The chassis was torn down, crack-checked, aligned and painted. It has a polished and plated suspension with new shocks and springs. A Hewland Mark 8 transaxle that was rebuilt by Taylor Engineering, new calipers, lines, rod ends, bolts, chassis spares, a new fuel cell and a spare motor. A new set of wheels with new Dunlops are included as well as a spare set of minilights. A current 12 volt Transponder, Fire system and fresh belts are also included.

Current VSCDA, SCCA and MC logbooks. Historic Race Car took care of the chassis repair, crack testing and repair. Very little repair was needed. Some junctions had developed small cracks and those were all repaired with the correct silver braise.

All components were taken off the chassis, nickel plating stripped, crack tested and renickeled. Uprights all passed the crack testing.

After the car was reassembled, and mated up to its engine and trans, we set up the chassis to a neutral set up.

The owner took it out once to race and was very pleased. He did get the Reynard just before the restoration was finished on the Lola, and likes the faster and more modern car, hence this absolute perfect Vintage Ford is for sale for far less than the owner has invested in it.


As stated, we are not in the business of selling cars. But as a service we do mediate for customers on their behalf, as long as the car is up to our own standards.

This Crusader certainly is, and I am pleased to say that our mediation resulted in the sale of this car. Health reasons caused an end to the sellers racing career, and now somebody else is going to enjoy the Crusader on the US track.