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Welcome to Historic Race Car a vintage race car and European classic rally car service specialist. Our expertise extends to Mini Cooper, Lotus, Fiat (Abarth), Alpine Renault (and other Renault based cars like Matra Bonnet/Sport), MG, Triumph, Alfa Romeo, Citroen,  Peugeot and other brands. These, and open wheel race cars can frequently be found at our shop. Allow us to put our motorsports expertise to work for you. 
We are certainly not limited to working on race cars only. It is our pleasure to keep as many vintage cars from the sixties and seventies road worthy and safe to drive. To make a distinction, we created our street car division under the name Vintage Sports Car. We are open to discuss anything from a tune-up to a complete restoration for classic, vintage, and sport cars. Restoration, service, or maintenance is described on our Vintage Sports Car web site
Look for Historic Race Car at many Vintage racing events this year as we focus on our customers races. Gain an advantage with HRC for racing preparation and track services for vintage race cars. New this year is that we now also successfully service Mazda Miata race cars. Please check the RACING page on this site for more information  on this, and the great deal we offer for Track Service.
Racing support and service is only a portion of how we can assist you with your historic vehicle. Historic Race Car is your single source for chassis set up and repairs, engine rebuilds, manual transmission repairs, glass fiber repairs, electrical problem solving, electrical repair, electrical re-wiring, race car prep, track service, technical inspection, appraisals and assistance in locating the right car to buy.

Employment Opportunity

VINTAGE SPORTS CAR INC is looking for someone to complement our team.

We are known to do excellent work on old cars, many of them are no longer as per original specs. Therefore I am looking for some one who has a good insight of how a car works and who is open minded to some times not so brilliant solutions of mechanics that have worked on the car in the past.

You must be familiar with the words and functions of a Carburetter, point ignition system and things like a friction shock absorbers.

Be prepared to do  something else every single day.  One day you may be working on an exhaust the next day you may be rebuilding a clutch or transmission. The day after you may be trying to get a trafficator to work.

The man or woman I am looking for must fit in the existing team and must be able to deliver work to our high standards.

Fabricating, welding and engine build skills are a premium.

If you are motivated and think you will fit our team, contact me at or call 1 815 337 4001.

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